What does it include: 

CULINARY MASTERCLASSES - Our expert team of Chefs demonstrating additional knife skills, preparing and cooking complex dishes, refining flavours and creating dishes required in ‘fine dining’ kitchens

FRESH PRODUCT PROCUREMENT - With visits to Our Farm, local fishmongers and butchers on the trail to source the best ingredients we can buy in season

KITCHEN MANAGEMENT - Covering all aspects of managing people, administration and the general kitchen environment

NUTRITION TRAINING -Creating dishes to meet our customers' specific needs, allergies and dietary requirements

Professional Chef Apprenticeships:

Apprenticeships are not just available for school or college leavers but to any chefs already working in the industry who wish to improve their skills, undertake more responsibilities or gain promotion. Chefs at all levels and ages can gain new skills with our apprenticeship programme covering on-site learning, assessment and assignments, together with frequent on-site visits led by our experienced chef team.

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